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Dougherty and Associates, a long-standing leader in the industry, utilizes comprehensive proven experience to provide expertise in all aspects of local and national promotional campaigns for Authors, Personalities, Companies, Non-profit organizations, Professionals, and Products; tours, media placement, press conferences, and personal appearance events. 



Full service national, regional and local publicity Complete radio, television, print media, online media placement (trade and consumer). Reputation management. Press kit creation / production, photography, writing, editing, graphic design work, distribution and sales consultation. National, Regional, and Local Media Tours.  



Public Awareness Campaigns, Consumer / Retail oriented promotions, Advertising consultation and support. General marketing consultation. Self-Publishing advisement: Design Services (Cover, interior, collateral materials). All levels of web support including custom site development, SM Marketing, SEO; YouTube Channels, Facebook strategies, etc. 



Michael Dougherty,

Over eleven years I have found you witty and warm. I’m Looking forward to the next eleven. Joy! 

- Maya Angelou


For Michael Dougherty

fellow survivors 

(up to a point) 

of the 

dreaded GREEN ROOMS 

- Tom Wolfe


For Mike, With affection and many, many thanks for 1. looking interested even when he knew my stories by heart, 2. anticipating everything even before I had thought it, 3. doing a marvelous imitation of a Greek escort, and 4. being such fun to be with and making work seem less like work , until we meet again,   - Arianna Huffington


For Michael,

Who has not merely kept me company on the Road, but at times guided me and actually carried me. In deep gratitude for your help and humor and humanity      - Scotty (M. Scott Peck)


For Mike –

With fond memories our work together on Anais and with admiration and friendship

 - Noel (Riley Fitch)


For Michael – How delightful to meet you, who will obviously be great in your and Jay’s world. 

– Studs Terkel

Historical Synopsis

Dougherty and Associates President, Michael J. Dougherty was brought into the public relations field by the legendary Jay Allen of Jay Allen Public Relations in early 1976 to establish his San Diego office, and subsequently promoted him to the Beverly Hills office. Dougherty remained with the firm through its transition into Allen-Rolontz Public Relations, as an account executive. He then joined Edye Rome Public Relations as Vice-President and Director of Corporate Operations. Eighteen months later Dougherty purchased the company, which ran under the transitional banner of Rome-Dougherty Public Relations until December 1983, when the name Dougherty and Associates was adopted.


In 1989, Dougherty joined the publishing company, Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc. as Executive Director of Publicity, a position he held for over three years. While at Tarcher he represented such bestselling authors as Betty Edwards (Drawing On The Right Side of The Brain), Timothy Leary (Flashbacks), Esalen Institute co-founder Michael Murphy (The Future of The Body), Paul and Sarah Edwards (Working From Home), Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way), Andy & Katie Lipkis/TreePeople, among others.

In late 1992 he re-established the independent publicity, marketing, and events production firm Dougherty and Associates, following the acquisition of Tarcher by the Putnam Publishing Group, which relocated the imprint to New York. In June 1997 he was named Director of Marketing/Sales/Publicity for Renaissance Media, publisher of Audio Renaissance and Renaissance Books. Renaissance authors Dougherty represented included M.Scott Peck, Chuck Negron, Napoleon Hill Foundation, Larry King, Ellen Kreidman, Peter Bart, Doreen Virtue, among others.

He re-founded the independent publicity and marketing firm Dougherty and Associates in early 2003 following the acquisition of Renaissance by Holtzbrinck Publishers, which relocated the operation to New York.


Corporate Accounts


Represented Authors/Personalities, Past and Present, include:


Maya Angelou * Dr. Robert Atkins * Jean-Pierre Aumont * C. Tillery Banks * Tracey A. Benson * Ingrid Bergman * Daniel Beunza * Lauren Booth * Stewart Brand * Dr. Nathaniel Branden * Dr. Joyce Brothers * Susan Brownmiller * Julia Cameron * Dick Cavett * James Clavell * Jackie Collins * Norman Corwin * William J. Coughlin * Christina Crawford * Michael Crichton * Janet Dailey * Iris Rainer Dart * Margaret Leslie Davis * Doris Day * James E. Demmert * Nancy Dolensek * Stephen A. Dougherty * Colette Dowling * Hugh Downs * Betty Edwards * Paul & Sarah Edwards * Harlan Ellison * Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. * Howard Fast * Noel Riley Fitch * Gennifer Flowers * Ken Follett * Joan Fontaine * Nancy Friday * Betty Friedan * David Frost * Peter Gent * Herb Goldberg * William Goldman * Barbara Goldsmith * Ellen Goodman * Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey * Michael D. Hais * Jack Hemingway * Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington * Christopher Isherwood * Jurate Kazickas * Larry King * Michael Korda * Judith Krantz * Frankie Laine * Timothy Leary * Robert Lindsey * Art Linkletter * Josh Logan * Sophia Loren * Robert Ludlum * William Manchester * Deborah Szekely Mazzanti * Rod McKuen * Dick Morris * Michael Murphy * N. Richard Nash * Paula Nelson * Dr. William Nolen * Susan Oliver * Lilli Palmer * Gail Parent * M. Scott Peck * Dr. Laurence Peter * Dr. John Poothullil * Dan Rather * Nancy Reagan * John Rechy * Phillip Reed * Rex Reed * Richard Reeves * Marc Reisner * Paige Rense * Francesco Scavullo * Budd Schulberg * Irwin Shaw * Sidney Sheldon * Richard Simmons * Ralph Singleton * Ben Stein * Suga * Studs Terkel * Alvin Toffler * Margaret Truman * Nancy Moore Thurmond * Gore Vidal * Irving Wallace * Joseph Wambaugh * Morley Winograd * Jules Witcover * Tom Wolfe * Michael J. Young, MD


Michael J. Dougherty started with his family in purebred dogs in 1961, acquiring his first Whippet in 1963. By 1974 he was approved by the American Kennel Club for a limited handler's license, attaining all-breed status in 1977 - teaming with his father, Jack Dougherty.  In 1985 Dougherty retired from professional handling to pursue a dog judging avocation. He has judged at shows across the nation such as Westminster (6 times, including Best in Show in 2013), Montgomery County (4 times, including Best in Show in 2007), Morris & Essex, AKC/Eukanuba, Westchester, Philadelphia, Chicago International, Atlanta, Detroit, Beverly Hills, Great Western Terrier, and Santa Barbara. His international judging assignments have taken him and his wife to Australia, Taiwan, Colombia, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. 


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